Marching Band

The flute is the "showoff" instrument of the woodwinds. Now this is all and good for a concert, but for a Marching Band? Hmm... In my experience, a flute cannot be heard outside on a football field. The marching band flute music usually just backs up the trumpets, and trumpets are know, for their volume! My suggestion is to get a piccolo.

A few things to remember:

  1. Flute pads DO NOT like to get wet. If you play outside ,make sure there isn't too much moisture in the air, and do not set it in wet grass. If you have a wood piccolo, look into getting a plastic or a silver one, wood piccolos don't like moisture at all. 
  2. IF you have to set your flute down, make sure it is not going to be in a place that it will get broken. The flute is a beautiful instrument to look at and to listen to, if it isn't all broken up!