Alternate Careers Panel: Carve Your Own Niche!

Panel: Elizabeth McNutt, Chris Potter, Sandra Tiemens, & Greg LaLiberte

The basic message from this discussion was that the chances of you getting one of the three dream jobs ( College Flute Professor, Orchestral Player, or Recital Performer ) is very rare. This message may sound mean and discouraging, but it is true.

Instead of those careers flutists should brach out into different areas such as

Another approach was find an area or type of music that their is a need for. Elizabeth McNutt started with computer music and because of that many composers write pieces for her. Greg LaLiberte plays Venezuelan flute in the boulder area because very few people are playing that style.

Getting Students

Personal contact is one the best way to get students. Go into schools and talk to band directors about doing a free one hour masterclass for the flute students. Leave your business cards and students may give you a call for lessons.

Meet other private flute teachers in the area. Many teachers will refer students elsewhere if their studio is full. You will want to talk to the teacher in person and perhaps play with or for them. Teachers won't want to refer students to you if they don't know you or if they don't know how you play.