Bruce Ammann

These notes are from The Colorado All State Concert Band, that was held from March 28th - 31st 2001, in Greeley, Colorado. The guest conductor was Bruce Ammann from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


If you ever have Ammann as a judge, make sure that your appearance on stage is nice. If you walk in, not in uniform or if your behavior is not presentable, you will already be on his bad side. I know this not because we were "un-presentable" but because he told us.


"You sound like I took a bunch of marbles and threw them aginst the wall. I want your sound to sound like one marble hitting the wall."

Try to play with a nice warm open sound. To pratice this (or to get used to doing this) take the palm of your hand and put it up to your mouth and blow a cold stream of air into your palm.