Debussy hated the term “Impressionism,” although that is what most of his music is considered. He was born to lower middle class French parents. His mother claimed to be a student of Chopin, but there are no records of this; although, Debussy's music sounds a lot like Chopin. At the age 10, 1872 he entered the piano conservatory, and stuided music, and received any bad reviews. He takes an interest in composition, and joins the composition class at the conservatory. The organ teacher, was known to play parallel fifths in his improvisations. 1883 he entered the composition competition and in 1884 he won. The conservatory told him they would put on a recital of all of his pieces, all he has to to is write a short overture. An overture is an extreamly easy and quick thing for him to write, but he refuses and there is no recital.


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