Age of Enlightenment

In the newly founded United States of America, ideas such as "All me are created equal" flourished. The French had to back out of the Revolutionary war because of lack of finances, and soon after there was an overthrow of the monarchy. From 1793 to 1794 over 250,000 people were arrested and 1,400 executed because they were thought to be traitors; this period was known as the "Reign of Terror." After this no political or social insinuation could be taken for granted.

During the French Revolution the nation set up a conservatory to train composers, performers and teachers who after graduating would compose songs for the national army. When it first opened the conservatory rejected foreigners saying that they destroy the language. After the political music died down they started accepting foreigners

Advancements in Industrial helped the spread of music. Music articles were being published and programs for pieces. Musical Instruments such as the piano were easier to make and became more affordable.


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