Origin of the Flute

old flute

Carved of bone about 30,000 years ago and found in a cave in northern France, the instrument had an unknown number of holes when intact. Music, an integral part of the Cro-Magnon world, was laden with spiritual meaning. Newsweek, Nov '86

About 5,000 years ago the first real flute, carved out of bone was made. This flute was more like a recorder. In China around 3,000 years ago, the first flute that you hold sideways was created. It is also said that the Egyptians had flutes before that. Flutes came from recorders and were once made of wood. In this 1900's the first silver flute was made. Beethoven was the first major composer to include Piccolo's in a composition.

A modern flutes range:

Flute Range displayed on a keyboard

A Piccolo's range is one octave higher.

The flute is a part of a lot of cultures today. Over in England the Irish Flute and the Penny Wistle are played. Here in the United States you can see all types of Flutes, everything from American Indian to Silver Flutes.