Wisdom Teeth and Playing the Flute

June, 21, 2004

Two weeks ago I had my four wisdom teeth removed. That night I was able to play in a ping pong tournament and only feel a little drowsy from the medication. One of my wisdom teeth was pushing on my other teeth and would occasionally cause pain. The doctor said that the younger you are when you get them removed, the better chance for a full recovery.

It took three days before I could pick up the flute and play. The middle register sounded fine and didn't hurt but the higher notes above the staff started to hurt. Because my mouth was tighter there was more pressure on the holes in my mouth where my wisdom teeth once lay. The piccolo was also a problem for the first week. The same concept, since my mouth was tight it hurt. Now, two weeks later I can play the full range and have minor pain only after playing for an excessive amount (more than two hours or so).

When I went in for my check-up the doctor said that I was healing fine, but I may feel the pain in the back of my mouth for 4-6 weeks.