Hildegard von Bingen

Hildegard was born in 1098 to a noble family in Bermershem (Now Germany). At the age of 8 she enters the Benedictine convent. Later she established a convent in Rupertsberg, where she would teach music.

Hildegard had great influence on church officials. Popes would write to her asking for her opinion. If she had been born 100 years before or after, she would have been killed as a witch.

She was given two visions in which she wrote down about clouds of angels.

Experts have analyzed her writings about her dreams and say that her visions are similar people today who suffer from sever migraines.

Hildegard wrote a piece of work called, Ordo Virtumun. The piece is about the trickery of the devil. The Devil has lines that are shouted, and then a female voice echoes.


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